Season Schedule

Last year was a special year for the Carolina Panthers.  We made a serious run at going undefeated in the regular season, but the Atlanta Falcons tripped us up in Week 16.  There was no doubt that beating them 38-0 two weeks before might have had us a little lax going into the game, but hats off to them.

The playoff run was impressive as well.  We had to go through two very good teams in the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals.  It was unfortunate that we had so much trouble with the Denver Broncos defense in the Super Bowl, but still it was a season to be proud of.

Week Opp H/A Score
1 Jags A 20-9
2 Texans H 24-17
3 Saints H 27-22
4 Bucs A 37-23
5 Bye
6 Seahawks A 27-23
7 Eagles H 27-16
8 Colts H 29-26
9 Packers H 37-29
10 Titans A 27-10
11 Redskins H 44-16
12 Cowboys A 33-14
13 Saints A 41-38
14 Falcons H 38-0
15 Giants A 38-35
16 Falcons A 20-13
17 Bugs H 38-10

The offense was impressive all season long.  The only time they didn’t reach 20 points in a game were there two losses.  So it’s easy to see why this team had so much success and Cam Newton was the MVP.

The defense didn’t really mess around either though.  They were in a “tough” situation in terms of keeping points to a minimum.  One, the offense scored so quickly that the opposing team did have the ball quite a bit.  Two, we dominated most games so teams were airing it out, lengthening out the game and trying to come back against us.

Still, the defense held 9 of their opponents to 17 points or less.  The best effort was the shutout against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14 (even if those Dirty Birds got their revenge on us a few weeks later).  When you do that you are going to win football games.

This is a young core.  I’m excited to see what they are going to do in 2016.  As soon as the full schedule is released I’ll get this page updated to include all of their opponents, the home games, and offer some thoughts on the schedule in general.

It’s probably going to be a lot tougher next year.  Everyone will be gunning for us and we have to play first place in the division schedule.  I’m sure we will get our fill of primetime action too since we have a great team and a star quarterback.