Carolina Panthers 2016 Predictions

We still don’t know the week-by-week schedule for the Carolina Panthers in 2016, but we do know which teams they will play and where.

Here is the list of opponents and their 2015 records so we can see how good these teams could possibly be for the current season.

  • Atlanta Falcons (2x) – 8-8
  • New Orleans Saints (2x) – 7-9
  • Tampa Bay Bucs (2x) – 6-10
  • Arizona Cardinals – 13-3
  • LA Rams – 7-9
  • Seattle Seahawks – 10-6
  • San Francisco 49ers – 5-11
  • Denver Broncos – 12-4
  • Kansas City Chiefs – 11-5
  • Oakland Raiders – 7-9
  • San Diego Chargers – 4-12
  • Minnesota Vikings – 11-5
  • Washington Redskins – 9-7

So here are some quick notes.  Boyd’s Bets has the Carolina Panthers win total at 10.5.  That makes some sense.  They think the division is going to be down this year with both the Falcons and Saints slotted for seven wins and the Bucs at 6.5.

The reason is the division we have to face.  The NFC West is going to be difficult again with the Cardinals and Seahawks.  We have to take on the AFC West with the Super Bowl champion Broncos, the Chiefs, and what I think will be improved Chargers and Raiders teams.

I do like how we get the Vikings and Redskins.  Both of those teams over-achieved in 2015 and I can’t see them being all that great in 2016.  Kirk Cousins didn’t really impress me much a year ago and the organization itself always seems to be in disarray.

The Vikings won’t be bad.  They have a nice young quarterback, but Adrian Peterson has to start slowing down some time doesn’t he?  And I prefer to play Minnesota than Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, that much is for sure.

Minnesota is only slated for 9 wins, while Green Bay is expected to have 10.5.  The Redskins are predicted to finish last in the NFC East with 7.5 wins, so we dodged a nice bullet there.  That AFC West though has the Broncos with 9.5, Chiefs with 9, Raiders with 7.5 and the Chargers with 7 wins.

The NFC West shows Seattle with 10.5, Arizona with 9.5 LA with 7 and the 49ers with 5.  Our saving grace right now is we get six divisional games against teams I just don’t think will be very good.

For a team that just went to the Super Bowl this is about as good as it is going to get.  Last year the odds makers had us projected for 10.5 wins and we ended up with 15 plus a trip to Levi’s Stadium.  Let’s hope the fact that the projection is the same this year means the same result, up until the final game where we turn the tables and win it this year =)


Panthers Draft Needs

Randy Inman did a good job over at PantherLair of putting together the Carolina draft needs.  Let’s take a look at what he thought.

Defensive End

Mainly he thinks we need someone who can rush the passer.  I couldn’t agree more.  We were a little shallow here last year and that was before Jared Allen retired.  It will definitely help if we add someone athletic to the position that has some explosiveness off the line.


Josh Norman was franchised which means we have him for at least one more season.  However, he is going to want big money after that and he’s getting up there in years.  I doubt management will give him the contract that he wants so he will likely end up somewhere else in 2017.  That means we need to draft some young talent who can come in and learn the ropes from the veteran and hopefully fill his shoes the following season.

Offensive Line

Cam needed protection in the Super Bowl and didn’t get it.  Now of course, nobody was able to stop Von Miller the last part of the season so you can’t fault them too much.  However, Cam has shown that when he has time to throw, or just time for the play to break down so he can get out of the pocket and scramble he’s the most dangerous quarterback in the league.  I’d like to see Carolina go out and get him some help here.

Now the team can still build through free agency.  A lot of big name players are just being released.  I’ve heard reports from ESPN that both safety Eric Weddle and cornerback Antonio Cromartie have interest in joining our team.

Weddle played for Riverboat Ron Rivera when he was the defensive coordinator with the San Diego Chargers.  If Ron thinks he’s a good fit then I’m going to trust his judgement, he would know better than anyone.

Same goes for Cromartie.  He played for San Diego from 2006-2009 after being a first round draft pick out of Florida State.  He’s been a good player, but is getting a little older.

However, I like that Rivera has had these players on a team in the past, knows what they can and can’t do, knows if they will fit in the team atmosphere.  I think he’ll make the right decision.

Carolina Goes to the Super Bowl

Yep. It doesn’t get much better than this. Check out the Super Bowl 50 trailer for the Carolina Panthers. Narrated by Matthew McConaughey (I think it’s his Interstellar monologue, but hey, who’s counting) it takes highlights from the last time the team was in the Big Game.

Kevin Greene makes a showing. It shows the last time the team won the NFC and made it to the Super Bowl with John Fox and Jake Delhomme. What a game that was. They almost came back and beat the New England Patriots to take the title.

Then it shows the scene after the NFC Championship win against the Arizona Cardinals. There is a lot of motivation from predictions made by the “experts” before the season. They talked about seven wins. They talked about us getting third in the division. They talked about how Cam couldn’t get it done.

People said we couldn’t beat the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. That they were going to come into our house and end our Super Bowl dreams. Well, that didn’t happen. We gave them a first half beating and never looked back. There are plenty of highlights from that game in the video and it gave me chills seeing it again on television.

Then came the Arizona Cardinals and the talk about their excellent wide receivers. Their high flying offense. About how Carolina didn’t have the receivers that Arizona did.

Well, the Panthers just kept pounding, hit them in the mouth, knocked them around, and shut them down. We got to Carson Palmer early and often. He looked flustered and that game was never as close as the experts thought it was going to be.

So what happens now? Obviously the Denver Broncos are a good team, but you can’t tell me you don’t feel good about getting them instead of the New England Patriots. The offense just hasn’t looked good all season long and Peyton Manning is by no means his old self. The Sheriff looks old. He looks beat up. He doesn’t look like Peyton.

I don’t think the Panthers dream season is done yet. I think they go out to San Francisco and pick up another victory at Levi’s Stadium. If you want to get yourself pumped up for the final game of the season then give this video a watch.